Monday, April 18, 2011

Jeon Jiyoon and Kwon Sohyun: my 4minute baybehs~

What Do You Think?

When I saw that, I didn't think I was gonna expect something that would make me love these two even more. Last time though, my 4minute love was only for Jiyoon and HyunA (more Jiyoon than HyunA) because the other members didn't seem too interesting at the time of debut. 2010 comes and Sohyun went through a dramatic change, going from innocent long haired Sohyun that barely had a part in the song to Sohyun looking like 2NE1's Minzy rapping and singing more kekeke~. I then made Sohyun part of my 4minute love. Then as time flies by, I begin to love Jiyoon and Sohyun a lot more through their Japanese singles: First and Why. Then then THEN! I see this and now I love them EVEN MORE! Who would've known Jiyoon AND Sohyun were the geniuses behind the raps for Mirror Mirror and Heart to Heart (especially Mirror Mirror).


"Sohyun stated, “We’ve only released mini-albums up until now, so since this is our first official album, we paid extra special attention. There’s not one aspect such as the lyrics, expressions, make up, and performances that we overlooked. Every time people say they like it, our hearts all flutter with excitement.”

She continued, “Our standard charm was the use of strong beats, so we tried to go for something a lot more feminine this time. There’s also an added love story in the lyrics that show a different image

Jiyoon and Sohyun both participated in the rap making for “Heart to Heart” and “Mirror Mirror“.

Sohyun revealed, “I’ve been practicing for a while now. Shinsadong Tiger oppa gave us a try for this album and praised us a lot during the recordings, which gave me a lot of strength. It was both an amazing and useful experience.”"

Makes me proud to be a Blackjack VIP Kamilia get the idea

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